Plants for fine and ultra-fine Industrial Cleaning: RTK (robot immersion and circular cleaning systems)

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21. January 2022
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Plants for fine and ultra-fine Industrial Cleaning: RTK (robot immersion and circular cleaning systems)



Booklet RTK

MTM developed parts cleaning system type RTK with patented technology:

The treatment stations are placed around the robot used for handling parts.

In Comparison to conventional processes, MTM achieves with this system an energy saving of approx. 60% when cleaning battery trays.

The task:
The development of a system for ultra-fine cleaning and immersion cleaning processes, e.g. of battery trays, optical glass, semiconductor wafers, implants and many more.

MTM's Ideal Cleaning solution:
The circular cleaning system of the type RTK (robot immersion and circular cleaning system) combines the advantages of an MTM cleaning machine with the flexibility of a 6-axis robot. This system ensures constant bath movement due to the optimal placement / arrangement of the treatment chambers around the robots and on the storage tanks.

The cleaning Process:
● To begin with, the loading and unloading station which is positioned at one point has two separate storage areas that are loaded manually; one of the two storage locations is loaded with contaminated workpieces and the other one with cleaned workpieces.
● Then, the robot transports the parts to be cleaned from one treatment station to another thanks to basket-shaped frames.
● Moreover, the robot achieves effectiveness in cleaning by rotating the part during the treatment process.
● To conclude, after passing through all treatment stations, the robot swivels to the unloading position and sets down the frame with the cleaned workpiece, where it is then manually unloaded.

Overview of the advantage of MTM RTK cleaning machine:
● Best suited for ultrasonic cleaning, manganese coating, all kinds of preservation processes as well as ultra-fine cleaning through immersion processes such as passivation (titanium coating), phosphating and many more.
● Works with hot air and vacuum drying.
● The robot takes care of transporting the components between the individual treatment stations.
● The baskets can be transported in both directions.
● Workpieces can be moved in all directions, they can be tilted and swiveled, thus eliminating air bubbles in threads.
● Works with different pH-value
● Minimized media carryover thanks to clever handling of the baskets by the robot. The components are thus freed from water before the next step.
● The almost complete waiver of mobile units within the system leads to maximum availability.
● Optimal utilization of the cycle time due to shorter robot paths.
● Optimized times through integrated treatment such as loading and unloading, pre-cleaning and drying, time parallel to the robot times.

Scope of application:
structural parts, battery tray, ultra-fine cleaning, galvanic processes, aluminum components for battery trays, components for electric drives, battery tray production, titanium passivation of battery trays.